Behavioral Science

We discover preferences that connect the right people to your brand.

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Our Behavioral Science department connects people to brands based on preferences. Analyzing over 3,000 data points, we discover your consumers’ most powerful traits and use that information to create heightened preference for your brand, which turns into increased revenue for you. Through traditional, social, digital, and direct channels, we market only to the people who are most likely to respond positively to your brand—and spend gobs of cash when they do.


  • Advanced Segmentation and Customer Analytics
  • Database Warehousing / Cleansing / Enhancement
  • CASS
  • NCOA
  • File Deduping / Cleansing / Suppression / Segmentation
  • In-Depth Customer Analysis Including PRIZM / P$YCLE / Customer Data
  • LIFT – Customer Cross-Sell and Onboarding Program
  • Campaign Results Analysis / Tracking
  • Lead Lists