About Us

We are humble servants improving the world one great idea at a time.

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We like to think, to challenge the status quo—and most of all, build value for your brand so it can reach its highest potential and grow your bottom line bigger. And we do that by uncovering your brand’s aha! moment, so you can deepen your brand story and connect with your customers on every level.

We come by this approach honestly. If you’ve met our owner, Chad, you know he’s a forward-thinking guy with a lot of ideas. But the big idea—the aha! moment—that set the foundation for blu came when Chad discovered just how impactful utilizing good data is for advancing brands’ creative content and visual assets. Despite constantly changing times with new technologies and ways of communicating, to this day, innovation by way of data + creative working side-by-side is the powerful, integral core in how we advance our brand. And most importantly, it’s how we advance yours.

Our Philosophy – Creatalytical

Because we are a bunch of square pegs who couldn’t find anything but round holes, we coined the term creatalytical to describe how, with the right team and the right culture, unfettered creativity and rock-solid analytics can work in unison to shape and sharpen one another. Partnering insight and intelligence with imagination and craft, we don’t just tell brand stories—we tell them to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. It’s creatalytical, and it’s more than what we do—it’s who we are.

Our Solution – Brandwashing

Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior—Targeting the right person, at the right place, at the right time to build preference for your brand. Learn more about Brandwashing, blu’s approach to targeting customers for you.

Our Culture – Servants

At the heart of Blu is a culture of gratitude and service. We are truly thankful for all our clients and work diligently to make sure our relationship is a fruitful, happy, and fulfilling one. Because we know empathy is a powerful creative problem-solving tool, we have a habit of wearing other people’s shoes. And we put a lot of miles on them to gain unique insights and to give our clients the personal, focused relationship they deserve.

But above all, we believe in serving others. This is the catalyst that drives us, brings us joy, and gives us purpose. Therefore, every day, we pledge our hands and hearts in a spirit of humility to those who partner with us. Learn more about us by clicking here.